Baby Lock

Family of Machines


Baby Lock Embroidery Family

Embark On Your Creative Journey.  Creative journeys begin at unexpected places, often with just a tiny spark of an idea.  

Baby Lock machines  come with features that make sewing and embroidery easy nom matter what you want to create.  These innovative features powered by Baby Lock IQ technology, work with the brain” of your machine to achieve the results you desire. Taking your creative journey with !Q Technology makes it easy to bring your vision to life.

Baby Lock Embroidery

Baby Lock Quilting Family

Quilting Made Easy.

With intuitive features and user-friendly interfaces, Baby Lock quilting machines are ready to use right out of the box. They’re designed and built with quilters in mind and include stitches, features and accessories that make quilting easy.  Best of all, every new Baby Lock machine comes with a 60-day trial of on-line sewing classes, packed with education, projects and inspiration. 

With smart features powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology, these quilting machines make every step easier.  You’ll enjoy quick auto-adjustments and hassle-free quilting.  And with decorative stitches such as bobbinwork and candlewicking, you’ll be amazed at what you can create with a Baby Lock Quilting machine.

Baby Lock Serger Family

The Foremost name in Home Serging

Baby Lock continues to revolutionize sergers, and has many patents to its name.  They have numerous innovative features, making them easy to use for all sorts of projects.  “RevolutionAir Threading, for instance, lets you thread your loopers and needles each with a touch of a button. And thanks to the Automatic Thread Delivery System, no tension knobs are needed on some of our sergers, and a balanced stitch is delivered on any fabric with any type of thread.


BaBy Lock Sewing Machines

Baby Locks Genuine collection shows off the Brilliant, Jubilant, Zeal, Joy, Zest and Vibrant(Serger) and Accomplish.

This collection is for a creative mind like yours.  Everything you make is just as individual as you are.  You bring the enthusiasm, spirit and creativity and the Genuine Collection will help you bring it to life.