Taking Care of Our Neighbors

Sewing Machine Maintenance and Repair

We repair and maintain all models of Sewing Machines and Sergers

Standard Maintenance Service

Overall inspection, cleaning, oil and lubricate. Internal check points and adjustments including;  settings, balance tension,  sensors,  computerized keys,  timing,  bobbin case drive, and test sew-out.

Should your machine require parts or additional labour beyond the “Standard Maintenance Service” we will contact you with an estimate.

We provide an honest evaluation of repair, and will contact you with your options.

* Evaluation Service available : If you continue with the repair, the evaluation charge will be applied to the cost of full Service.


Scissor Sharpening

Wolff Certified Scissor and Shear Sharpening Service

  • Professional Sharpening of all types of Scissors and Shears.
  • Professional “Hiro-To” Flat Honing and “Twice As Sharp” Systems

Specializing in Beauty Shears, Taylor and Upholstery Shears, Sewing Scissors and Shears, Groomer and Medical Scissors.

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The Hira-To® is a single head flat hone designed to recreate the factory look and edge on high end convex or semi-convex beauty, barber, and grooming scissors.

Both right and left hand shears can be sharpened at any angle ranging from 25° to 65°.

This sharpener is the most advanced single head flat hone on the market.